Monday, December 22, 2003

Dear lordy, Viewtiful Joe kicks ass. It's a simple little action game, a side-scrolling brawler for crying out loud, and it seems to desire nothing more than to be a delightful little distraction from daily life.

It seems like every new videogame these days is pimping its "Dude, in Halo 3, you can count the villian's individual nosehairs!" factor, that THIS game will be the one to CHANGE EVERYTHING. It's like no game has ever managed to learn from the success or failure of previous games when they're all advertising that they reinvent the wheel. Joe, however, would be fun if it were running on a Genesis. It's just good.

(by the way, the references to B movies are hilarious. Why is Leticia so infatuated with such a ridiculous game starring a guy who looks kind of like Strong Bad in a pink cape? Find out on the next exciting post!)
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