Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Hey, wait a moment! Speaking of tax cuts, why do the same people deride welfare as a "free handout" whereas tax cuts are "giving back to the people?" I mean, money tends to revitalize the economy when given to the poor, rather than the rich, right? So why not deride tax cuts as the "free handout?"

And why do we call people on welfare "lucky" when you have to be dirt poor in order to get anything? And why can I turn on my television and hear newscasters describing 9/11 as "tragic" and the strike on Iraq as "majestic?" (I agree with one of those viewpoints; try and guess which one.) And why was Clinton's consensual sex grounds for a 200-officer FBI investigation and who-knows-how-many taxpayer dollars in an attempt to get the president impeached, whereas Arnold Shwarzenegger's repeated sexual assault is not a big deal? And how come I can't think of a clever punchline to tie this all up?

This is a sick world.

(oh, and the Iraq thing just made me lose it. Seriously, if you turned on your TV the day the Iraq war started, you saw the entire city of Baghdad on fire--like a hundred 9/11s all at once--and the newscasters were yapping up the technical marvels of the display as if it were the latest Shwarzenegger movie. Jesus.)
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