Saturday, December 27, 2003

In the New York Times, thanks to Uggabugga: (I'll add in the sexy reprint margins later)


Opponents of the morning-after pill, including religious groups, told panel members that over-the-counter sales could encourage irresponsible sexual behavior.

But Dr. W. David Hager of the University of Kentucky, one of four committee members who voted against the motion, said he was worried about the implications for sexual behavior. Dr. Hager said Plan B would have a similar effect to the birth control pill, which he said ushered in "a new day and age for the expression of sexuality among young people."


Gee, then, why has teenage pregnancy gone down since the 50's? Oh yeah, maybe because we had some FREAKING BIRTH CONTROL. So, given the choice, would you rather have A) more teenage sex or B) more children born to mothers who can't care for them?

I can understand why it would be an emotional decision--sex can be scary stuff to let teenagers deal with--but there's only one rational conclusion, which is to offer birth control (and morning-after, while I'm at it) pills. Think about unwanted teen pregnancy for about half a second and you'll agree.

(which isn't to say teen mothers are bad; but adults have a responsibility to make sure their children are ready for the responsibility, and I'll wager most teenagers aren't, no matter how ambitious they are.)
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