Thursday, December 25, 2003

Oygh. I can't get to sleep since watching Chicago. Again, highlight the following text (with slight spoilers) to read:

Well, the whole film basically glorified murder, but what really sent me into orbit was how the back of the box describes the movie. A moving piece of social commentary? A searing satire, to be remembered in the heart and soul of America for decades to come? Actually, Chicago is "Dazzling and Electric! You can watch it over and over!" (Roger Ebert), "a dazzling spectacle cheered by audiences and critics alike!" (company line) So... um... yeah... you know... the hero killls somebody in the film, you know that, right? And her sidekick kills her sister and husband, you know that two, right? And everybody in the film is a scumbag, pretty much? Which would be forgivable (lots of memorable movies have had scumbags for main characters) if the movie didn't portray them as so sympathetic?

Oh, and merry freakin' Christmas.
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