Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Before I go off to Dreamland, I'd like to share with you an E-mail I just got from Frank:


Hi Leticia,

please don't feel hauted. A writer is always an exhibitionist, showing
off his/her inner thougts, sometimes trying to tell a story that never
really happened. Writing is entertaining. Writing into a diary is
masturbation, writing a blog is sex.

Do you know the difference between masturbation and sex?

Either is big fun but with sex you get to know more people.

Entertainig people is a gift. Presenting a report, reading homework in
front of class, telling a fairy tale to a child sitting on the bed,
defending an awful war in front of Congress - all these things are
messages wrapped in entertainment. Well prepared, performed properly, holding
up tension, keeping pace with the audience, you can transmit every
message you want, if you want, or if you just like to take centre stage.


Aww. Thank you. It was heartfelt. It brought a tear to my eye.
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