Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Hello there! My name is Ms. McKenzie. Sit down in between the girl with the ponytails and freckles and the boy who eats potato chips too loudly and we will begin today's lesson...

Have you ever imagined being turned into a commodity? No? Wel, let me explain. Every time you move, think, or dance, you are really moving a collection of tiny, invisible elements called molecules, which exist in space portioned into smaller elements called quanta. In essence, your existence can be boiled down to a set of numbers and equations, rules and attitudes, a simple program containing every element that you think is you.

Now, what if those elements were to be broken down, and those actions and reactions were to be precisely recorded? What if you were reduced to your earthly function, if everything you think was unique about you was actually programmed and calculated? You would become nothing, flat as a computer disk, with no personality, free to be manipulated by your peers, who may or may not be brawny football players but that’s a subject for another lesson.

So, my friends, go out into the world, and be glad that your existence is not as flat and predictable as a computer disk; revel in your complexity, honor it, the chaos that is you. You can be defined by no brawny football players. You are your own woman.

(Or, man, as the case may be.)
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