Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Here's one of my Big Long Dream Analyses that tend to be long-winded and overly detailed, so fair warning. (I write these whenever I have a dream that I remember; they're quite fun, and it's neat to have an archive of what your brain comes up with when you're not paying attention.)

(a little background: Antalyna is the most popular girl in the school and I keep trying to be her friend but she tends to ignore me. Sad.)

So I had a dream...

My dad was playing a Flash version of Sonic the Hedgehog 3, perfectly rendered from the Genesis game (he was on the Angel Island Zone). I marvelled at the little splash balloons under Sonic’s feet reading “Pow!” (each time his feet touched the ground as he ran, little “Pows” would emerge from his sneakers.) I said, “Wow, they must have had to render each little ‘Pow’ as a Flash element,” or something like that, before realizing that such an effect was not in the Genesis game. He said, “it’s ‘pause,’” and I realized that the splash balloons did not say “pow,” but “pouzu” (pause) in Japanese katakana, indicating that my dad was actually just pausing and un-pausing the game constantly. The makers of the Flash version, I figured, added the splash balloons to indicate when the game was paused.

Later, my dad brought up from the basement a laptop with a Game Gear cartridge slot that was capable of playing Game Gear games. I was very excited as I turned it on and started playing Sonic Chaos. (Except... I think it was called Sonic Blast. But I know it was supposed to be Sonic Chaos, and it looked more like Chaos than Blast, even if the level was unlike either.) I (Sonic) ran through a cave-themed Zone and noticed that Sonic had a new move; by running off of a ramp, if he kept running while he was falling back to the ground he would bounce himself back upward when landing with his circular feet motion. I thought that was cool, and it got me to some higher platforms; but when I fell back down, I had no way of getting back up there. Phooey.

I got bored and headed off to the bathroom. I thought of older fan-made Sonic outings, and how they’ve improved sharply over the years; when I was ten or so, I played an amateur Sonic platformer in which Sonic could run and jump and destroy things but there were no real game physics (this is true). I recalled more recent (again untrue) Flash games that were less faithful then the port of Sonic 3: like a port of Sonic & Knuckles with a giant-flower-themed Zone, and a port of Sonic 2 with an endless-house-themed Zone. Weird.

At this point, I was sitting on the can. I had left some muffins next to the bathroom sink, and they seemed to be staring at me, since I wanted to eat them; I wondered how I would be able to do my business with these muffins staring me in the face. But anyway, later on the dream became such that I was in the middle of a party; while I was still on the can, Antalyna, Jenny, Naomi (popular girls from school), and Casey (Antalyna's boyfriend) walked in, discussing a comic book (okay, it gets weird).

As they described the comic book: Once upon a time there were two sisters. One of them (we’ll call her Cynthia) was searching for herself. She had a tumultuous love life and I believe she had broken up with a longtime boyfriend; but no matter, she had a newer, better boyfriend, tough and with a beard, and they were in love and getting married and la la.

Cynthia was in her sister’s bedroom with her boyfriend nearby, talking to her sister (We’ll call her Carmen) about how they were going to have sex soon and that would seal their relationship. Carmen delivered a crushing blow to her spirits: there was an STD going around called “clone disease.” If you catch the disease, it clones you (I am not making this up). Carmen offered an alternative, however: she invited Cynthia into her bed for a warm, gentle hand job. Cynthia turned away from her boyfriend and accepted, feeling enveloped and protected by her sister as she pleasured her. She could feel her life coming back together already.

Antalyna, back in the dream world (and I’m still on the can; this takes a while), expressed how touching this was, and everyone concurred with an “awww.” Antalyna says, “she [Cynthia] always goes to her [Carmen] for a refill.” They knew Carmen was a better choice for Cynthia than her boyfriend.

I never caught the beginning of the conversation, so I didn’t know what book they were talking about; I tried to think of it, and for some reason, Strangers in Paradise, a comic book I’ve never read (true) came to mind. (Strangers in Paradise is supposed to be quite good, and I’m sure any of my readers who are familiar with it can assure our other readers that it is not, in fact, about incest.)

Antalyna told me that she needed to talk to me about something important. I asked if it was about her relationship with Casey, and she said no. I asked if it was about her (and Casey's) relationship with me, and she said yes. I told her to hold on and look away for a moment; they looked away, and I wiped my ass and pulled my pants up. I really, really wanted to know what the issue was, because it seemed like Antalyna and I were finally seeing eye-to-eye.

I looked at the muffins and saw that the ones by the sink were gone. Phooey. Then, I noticed that there were still three in the package. I was pleased.

Antalyna was somehow distracted for a bit as I waited to ask what the issue was, and Jenny started making noise (what she does best). Antalyna's father called from the adjacent bedroom (in reality, it’s my parents’ bedroom), telling us to quiet down. This caused Jenny to respond sarcastically, and I opened my mouth to protest her hostility when the dream went away...

And I never heard what Antalyna wanted to tell me! Phooey!
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