Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Hey yo, all. I have a desperate plea:

At my weeklong summer camp, we all sang a song at dinnertime that went to a tune something like that of the "mm-aa went the little green frog one day" song, except it was about a woman. In the first line, she eyed a crocidile. In the second line, she pondered that this crocodile would be perfect for crossing the Nile (see, it rhymes). In the third line, her hopes are dashed as she winds up in the alligator's belly by the fourth line. The song was so nonchalant about the prospect of being eaten by an alligator that it turned me on and I couldn't get it out of my head, anxiously waiting for my return home so that I could run to my room and masturbate.

Except, I totally forgot all of the words. Can anybody help me out, here? I'd like to masturbate to that song again...

(yes, I did a Google search for "lady, crocodile, Nile" to no result relevant to my masturbation. Dammit...)

(edit: I was completely wrong about the tune and structure of the song. But thanks to Emma Harvey, I found it!)
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