Wednesday, January 07, 2004

I love to be commoditized in my fantasies. At various times, I’ve been turned into a porn magazine, a blow-up sex doll, a poster, a muffin, a chocolate bar... and an ice cream cone (strawberry!). I’m not sure why this turns me on. It must be the depths of my moral depravity.

I can’t stand this any longer. I’ve never had a fantasy as good, as complete, as the first one I had. I’m not really enjoying it anymore. It’s like an addiction; I can’t enjoy what I have, I just keep needing more. Oh, yes, the next masturbation will be the one that does it. Then I will be satisfied.

So I wish I got to talk about sex in the real world. Out here, I’m Leticia McKenzie, I’m not really me. I know all my girl friends are going through the same stuff, but for all they talk about it...
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