Thursday, January 29, 2004

i read the most depressing thing ever in Naomi Wolf's book, Promiscuities. An account of scientists from as far back as the sixteenth century finding this little button thing inside women's vaginas and saying, "Golly gee wilickers! The female pleasure organ!" over and over and over again, as evidence of female pleasure is continuously cleansed from the public memory by puritanical interests. It's like the whole sexual revolution has been repeating itself over and over again, like one of those episodes of Star Trek TNG where the Enterprise keeps blowing up every ten minutes thanks to a temporal loop and nobody can figure out why.

We've gotta escape this cycle, people. Naomi Wolf describes that women may think themselves doing something radical when they take the mirror and the good light to look inside their personhood, but we've been doing this generation after generation. It's a blessing that we have the Internet to blow the open secret, but think of all the middle school kids who are growing up thinking their sexuality is wrong...

...like me...

never mind.
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