Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Let's open the mailbag!

A fine, fine woman named Emma Harvey wins Leticia's Coolest Person of the Day Award by sending me the long-lost lyrics of the getting-eaten-by-the-crocodile song. Let's have a singalong, everybody!

"Oh, she sailed away
On a fine and sunny day
On the back of a crocodile.
You see said she,
He's as tame as tame can be,
I'll ride him down the Nile.

The crock winked his eye
As the lady waved goodbye,
Wearing a great big smile.
But at the end of the ride
The lady was inside
And the smile was on the crocodile!"

Yum, yum. Chomp, chomp. Oooh....

Okay, now we move on to Octavia Arena, who sent me a link to her fine blog, and a fine letter of support that made me warm and squishy inside. But I don't want this to become Leticia's Pity Corner any more than it already is, so let's move on to one academic young woman (who would've gotten my coolest-person-of-the-day award, but I already gave it out to the crocodile song person), Natalia Lush Antonova, offering support after my recent fantasy...

"Leticia, I absolutely guarantee you that you are not the only one out there that ever came while entertaining a vision or two of the Great Detective. My own fantasies of Sherlock even made their way into my Victorian Lit term paper. The result was a B grade, but the professor said she laughed a lot. The big pipe/penetration by the heroin needle conundrum lends itself to all sorts of interpretations and images. -N."

Thanks, honey. Here's what I wrote in response:

"It was the magnifying glass that got me, with the analytical expression and the silly hat. It was weird, because he suddenly popped in at the very end of my fantasy, right before I came.

The game is afoot!"

Good night, all, and have grand visions of great detectives with great big... pipes...

(on a side note, I have _got_ to start reading Sherlock Holmes...)
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