Friday, January 23, 2004

Nintendo DS.


(It's not like I've ever played Sonic, pining for a second screen... nobody can keep their eyes on two screens at once anyway, I have a hard time remembering to look at the radar in Halo. If your game, for some reason, really needs a second screen, giving the next Game Boy a really wide screen and just splitting it in half for such a game would be just dandy.)

(I kind of feel like a dual-screen portable would just have a really wide screen with an unbreakable line down the middle... Nintendo, this is stupid. You have some great ideas, and some not so great ideas.)

(A Game Girl Advance editor [where the hell are the girls lately?! Although, if you need one, count me in...] seems to think this idea has merit. I wonder how bad status meters have gotten to require another screen. Who wants to jerk their eyes at an entirely different screen every few seconds of gameplay? It's not like I see the world through two pairs of eyes or anything... okay I'll shut up now...)
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