Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Quick political analysis:

For those left wondering why Bush would use the State of the Union address to promote something as bizarre as a Constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, here's the reason: gay marriage is a very divisive issue and _everybody_ has a strong opinion one way or the other; however, the anti-gay-marriage folks (boo! boo!) slightly outnumber the sensible folks. So, if he can make himself the "Protect the Institution of Marriage" candidate, everybody with an opinion against gay marriage will vote for him, and he won't need the pro-gay marriage folks anyway. (This is why we need to push gay marriage as a political issue; it's one of Bush's strongest weapons, and unless we change people's minds about gay marriage somehow breaking down the institution of marriage [dooo-whaaa?], it could guarantee him the election.)

Not to mention the South, which is full of immigrants and right-wing lunatics, generally not of the same persuasion. So, to appeal to both groups and retain the Republican stronghold, he proposes a new immigration law that will grant "temporary worker" status to illegal immigrants holding jobs. To the casual immigrant listener, this will sound like progress; but the rich white guys who love to manipulate immigrants will see the law's invisible ink reading CHEAP LABOR. (The law ties their legal status to their job status; if they don't clean the kitchen right, they're fired and must pack their bags. It's a SLAVE CLASS, the most appalling political maneuver since, well, slavery.)

(By the way, I'm planning on majoring in political science; so gear yourselves up for the great Leticia for Whatever campaign...)
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