Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Something I wrote this morning:

You have no idea what I’m going through right now. My next masturbation has to be really really good. The last one I had was excellent, and it was two days ago; a record unmatched for several weeks. So I’ve been dreaming up fantasies all morning, but can’t find one that will sufficiently turn me on so that I can feel justified in coming all over my floor.

(No, I come onto a tissue, I just liked that turn of phrase.)

So, dream me up a good fantasy. Make it involve horny women and chocolate syrup. Ooh! And whipped cream, and cherries. Give it an atmospheric bog and some alligators, with gnashing teeth... while your at it, throw in a giant meat grinder and some pistons. Oooh, pistons. Yeah, and fire poles. (runs off to her room...)
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