Friday, January 16, 2004

Sorry, folks, it's off. I forgot to mention one little thing: Dante is taken. It's not like I couldn't have started on him two years ago and have his heart (and, er, something else) firmly in my clutches for the rest of eternity by now. But, sadly, he met somebody else. Truth be told, I don't like her that much-- she's nice to me, but her sense of humanity towards others is lacking-- but that's how it goes. Besides, if I get off of Dante now, I will be a freer woman.

Meh! Who needs a man! I can be happy by myself... and my fish... and my bicycle...


--Oh! Anyway, Dante's been dating her for a month or so now, but I figured I still had a viable backdoor into Dante's heart, but such a plan was thrown out the window as they started planning their wedding on the bus!

This relationship is going to be disaster of teenage proportions. Trust me. Betting pool begins now.

Oh! But the good news is, I get to be, in her words, "a slutty beer wench" bridesmaid. Fun!

(p.s. Yes, I'm exaggerating; my heart tells me that these two are a much better pairing than the emotionally volatile mix of me and Dante. So it goes. I'm sure I'll have a boyfriend sometime before the next coming of Halley's Comet, you know?)
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