Wednesday, January 14, 2004

This has been lying around on my hard disk since the day Poseidontown froze over. Read:

I’ve been living in Poseidontown since 2000 or so, and so I’ve been going to that school for three and a half years. In those years, I’ve wavered within a popularity quotient of everybody liking me to a superficial extent but not having many real friends. (This, I imagine, is the story of many of us in high school; but let me finish.)

I’ve always tried to be friends with the popular girls, but the truth is I’m really shy. Really really shy. So much so that I have a hard time forming relationships with anybody who doesn’t have a huge crush on me. I’m a pretty personable girl, but even though I say “hi” to about a third of the school as I walk down the hallway, none of my relationships run very deep.

So, at the local Japanese joint, the popular girls, the most popular girls’ boyfriends, and I ate rice and veggies and watched the snow pile up outside while we talked about Lord of the Rings. As the usual Legolas/Aragorn discussion began to surface, I offered that I like Gimli (the dwarf) the best; he may not be a prettyboy, but you know he’d be a loyal boyfriend. Other than that, I was pretty invisible, as usual. Oh well, I have a year and a half to go at Poseidontown High, you never know when I could become prom queen....
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