Friday, January 09, 2004

Time to open the mailbag!

"The Sims I believe simply appeals to the overall sense of voyeurism, and the chance of control within a world that is eminently out of our control. By making families we know in real life appear in the game, we can effectively create masturbatory fantasies, with less guilt. And of course more 'realism'. The desire to play God is eminent in so many games: this one just allows it in the most satisfactory light for the public. This may sound like a lecture, but I'm just a slightly twattish sixteen-year-old.
C'ya" --Francesco Pedretti

Oooh, that's excellent. Now, let's move on to a response to my comments about Enetation:

"We wont give away your email address however if we can think of a plot that involves your address and world domination (including a secret mountain hideaway with a Big Control Center and lots of oompa loompa’s) we reserve the right to swop it for an OddJob type minion ;)


Rob Taylor.

(bloke who founded enetation)."

Awww man. How can you _not_ trust that guy?

So the responses to my question about comments are in (thanks, y'all; you can stop E-mailing me about it now): Haloscan wins by a landslide, with Blogspeak in second, and Enetation gets a very honorable mention (actually, since I mentioned Enetation, and probably made its stock drop, nobody but Rob E-mailed me about it; but the one E-mail was memorable enough to give it consideration). So! I'll be looking at them, and if I feel like it, we may be seeing a comment system in the near future. Maybe. If I feel like playing moderatrix.
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