Friday, January 02, 2004

Well, it’s the end of the year, and Mistress Leticia has some thoughts she’d like to share with her dear readers (all 2 of you):
I eat too much spaghetti. I’m vegan and have become chemically dependent on pasta. This is probably not a good way to be vegan.
The other day, while riding through Poseidontown, I saw a billboard advertising Clear Channel (which has a monopoly on the billboards in town; seriously). It read, “How has Clear Channel reached you today?” (For those readers who don’t know, Clear Channel is a company who owns an obscene number of billboards, radio stations, and other cultural miscellany. They operate in shadow, shying away from publicity for fear of being seen as the monstrous cultural homogenizer they are.) But the more important part was the graffiti on it, which read, “Big Brother?” A ladder conveniently led to the place where the graffiti was sprayed, and the ladder led down to—get this—a bike shop. Perfect. A work of art. This is definitely going in my file on why we’re trapped in a bad science fiction novel.
Oh, by the way, we are. Next time you’re at the local supermarket, visit the book rack and you’ll agree.

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