Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Well, you see, there's this new girl at school. And she's a lot like me; she loves Sonic Team, she is overtly sexual in her Internet writing, and she's shy. So I really really want to get to know her.

But there's a kick. You see, we both like this one boy. I have since gotten off of him (he's nice and he's handsome, but other than that...?), but he seemed to like her more than me.

So I realized, dear Lord, this woman is stealing my identity, to the point where she's a better me than me! Deary, deary me. So, feeling insecure, I tried really hard to be her friend, because our friendship would be the only thing keeping me from tearing her guts out.

But, here's the problem: she keeps blowing me off. I say hi to her, she keeps walking and pretends it was a gust of wind. Fucker.

So, the more I try to be friends with her, the more I hate her, and the more I want to be friends with her for fear of hating her. I try not to hate people, even when it's hard; and we have a lot in common, and it's important to me that we have a friendship around that rather than a (one-sided) rivalry.

Because not too many teenage girls both like Sonic Team and sexualizing themselves for the general public on the Internet...
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