Monday, January 26, 2004

What the--?!

Well, I found this on my hard disk, and I can't quite fathom what it is. Read:

Oh, Leticia was enjoying it now. Being reduced to streams of data in some freak scientist’s laboratory; it was dark and foreboding, like mashed potatoes on top of rye bread with butter. Ooh, how it spread Leticia across the universe.

She wanted to be flushed, down into a great abyss, with no return for her. She would unravel until her very essence spread into the basic makeup of the universe, until Leticia was one with Gaia. Then, she realized... she was Gaia! She was, at one moment, having sex with the entire universe, and didn’t realize all the star constellations swirling into her cunt and devouring her from the inside.

She disintegrated like fuzz and was eaten up by mangy lab rats. Sexy.
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