Monday, January 26, 2004

When I’m nervous, I want a guy’s penis at the back of my throat. Really. I can’t understand what’s wrong with that, but something just is. Do I not respect myself enough? Blah blah blah...
But the truth is I’m no different than any other girl, we all yearn for sex and we all need to respect our boundaries. So, I’m going to stop the self-pity routine and I’ll just respect my own sexuality. Got that? From here on out, I respect my sexuality. (Let’s see how long this holds up...)

(edit: yes, this is a very typical lump-in-throat routine. However, you have NO IDEA how liberating it is to even TALK about a penis in my throat on the Internet, even hiding beside a pseudonym. So do not click on Outlook Express and especially do not start writing that E-mail to me about how I need to stop writing about sex while shrouded in so much shame, because you know you enjoy it. Come on.)
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