Monday, February 02, 2004

Another shitty, shitty day at school. No really, it blew up in my face when my teacher decided to show us a video containing a pile of corpses left in the wake of the Nazis. It's unfathomable, it's deplorable, and makes me sick to my stomach. I can't imagine why I needed to see that when I know full well the Nazi campaign was the evillest in human history. But anyway, she was very apologetic about it and made sure I wouldn't have to see such things with my eyes.

(To those telling me I _need_ to see those things: I wouldn't want to be desensitized to human suffering, thanks. Enough of our elected officials are already.)

So I try to get over it with a smile on my face when I get to my college class, in which the teacher decided the gosh-darn perfect day to show us pictures of malformed babies thanks to US "goodwill" campaigns in the Middle East. Thanks.

But you know what? The worst part is, none of this has stuck in my brain like the insipid love song I heard while eating my tofu and veggies at the Japanese joint. Which is why, when I finally manage to overcome the collective evils of humankind's most vile minds, I am faced with one verse, repeating over and over again...

"There ain't no WAAaaaaaAAAAAAAAeeeeeeehhhhhheeyyyyAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY"

Somebody shoot me. I'm having a bad freaking day.
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