Saturday, February 14, 2004

As you all probably know by now, Clark has dropped out of the presidential race, just days after I endorsed him. Fuck. I hope he wasn't running scared from a Leticia McKenzie endorsement.

In any case, go vote for Dean. I would support Kerry or any of the others running (thankyouthankyouthankyou for dropping out, Leiberman), but Dean really has his heart in the right place. (Well, Kucinich is the best, but y'know...)

Here's my quick Pokémon-style analysis of how the election might play out:
(analysis meaning guesswork)

Far right vs. far left: Far right wins
Moderate right vs. moderate left: Moderate right wins
Far left vs. moderate right: Far left wins
Moderate left vs. far right: Moderate left wins

There's been murmurs that Bush could dump Cheney and dash towards the middle, so the Democrats had better be prepared. Most of Bush's supporters seem to be so because they are uneasy about electing a Democrat during wartime; if Bush abandons the veil of "terror terror terror", the Democrats had better be up to kicking his ass and showing the world his empty flight suit.

Weapons of mass destruction, indeed.
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