Thursday, February 19, 2004

Dean's out.

Well, then, everybody, let's vote for Kucinich! Since Kerry's got this one in the bag, and I think he would be a fine candidate to run against Bush (Kerry's ahead in the Kerry vs. Bush polls--seriously), let's have our last hurrah be one great big show of support for our favorite idealist, who would, let's face it, be the bestest president in the whole wide world. C'mon! If every one of my darling li'l readers votes for him, we could have enough to hold... a party... with chocolate... and strippers... and strippers and chocolate... oooh....

In any case, I look forward to Dean's "campaign for change" within the Democratic Party (we've needed it for a while), and I hope it involves chocolate and strippers.


(I neglected to mention that if Kucinich is struck by the Leticia Curse that causes anybody I endorse to drop out within days, go ahead and write in me for president. C'mon! A chocolate stripper in every home. I think that's a fine platform.)

(Or vote for Sharpton, because the debate would be hilarious. Seriously. Any of the Democrats could kick Bush's ass with one hand tied behind his back, but oh, Sharpton would do it with style.)
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