Friday, February 06, 2004

Hey, yo. I just saw about five seconds of The "L" Word, and, par for the course, I feel educated enough to comment on it.

Weeeeelll, I couldn't watch it. I know I defended its portrayal of women as (My God!) sexual beings, but y'know, it's televised pre-packaged sex, and that always creeps me out. But lesbians in particular are a culture I've tried (and failed) very hard to get into, and I didn't want to be such a loser that I'm watching them have sex and think "oh, man, to be accepted" while all my friends are like "HA! Lesbian sex is MUCH better than THAT! But not as much fun as... crocheting..."

Phooey. I'm'a go have sex. With, er, myself. Hey! That's lesbian sex, innit? When do I get my rationed leg warmers?
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