Sunday, February 29, 2004

I'm experiencing a post-temporal collapse in neural integration, or somesuch. In other words, my warp core is breaching. So I need a transplant of bioneural gel packs along with ten thousand gigaquads of... gigaquads? (imagines some really scary bodybuilder) aaaaaahhh!!

So it all went down something like this, my friends: Sonic and co. enthusiastically applied at the Big Cereal Factory for a job to be made into mashmallow cereal. (Ohhh yeah.) After being measured up with tape by corporate flunkies, and their mug shots being posted to a board with the captions, "Candidates for making into mashmallows," they were thrown into the Big Marshmallow Zapper Machine, stuffed into the big box of Sonic Cereal now on sale for $20.99, Leticia came, and all was good. The End.

(whoooo) Exhale, Leticia, exhale....

(Oh, and you should all see the anime Fooly Cooly, especially if you read this site, which you are presumably doing right now.)

(And this week's Strong Bad E-mail is the best one ever.)
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