Saturday, February 14, 2004

More on the Boob; this is from a British perspective, and it's a good time to remember how nuts they think we are.

Stay tuned for updates on the Nipple from the Topfree Equal Rights Association.

If your wondering why this is so important to me (when I try and say how crazy the media are about it), boobs in general are important to me. They're stuck to us and they bounce around when we walk. We whip them out and feed our babies we them. We tease men with them and attract mates with them. We play with them when we're bored on the bus. They're important to us. Respect them. Dammit.

And I want to see the day when my floppy li'l bunnies can play freely in the sun, enfettered by worries of Michael Powell with a sniper rifle in the bushes, taking aim and preparing to pop my balloons, sending milk splattering all over the park in which this takes place. Ewww.

But yes, I am a nudist, I think we all ought to respect the makeup of our own bodies. Let's celebrate the gift that God has given us in our flesh. We're not too fat or too skinny or too short or too round or one boob is bigger than the other or whatever new thing we have inserted on our train of insecurities. We're all human beings, and we're all beautiful in that. Let's all rip off our clothes, all at once, in defiance of the unwritten rules that jealous humans have placed upon us all. Let's show our bodies freely and without shame. Let's kick some ass. Let's get naked.

(Today's invigorating speech was brought to you by the fact that Leticia does not know many people who play with their boobs on the bus, but they oughtta.)
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