Sunday, February 08, 2004

Official Leticia Endorsement!

(before I begin, how do I get my personal DNC page working? I want a Boot Bush button like Atrios has...)

I, Leticia Jeanette McKenzie, do officially endorse Welsey Clark as the Democratic nominee for President.

Yes, he's a general. Yes, he sends people to their death while earning medals in his easy chair. Yes, that goes against everything I believe in as a Quaker. But by golly, he's going to remake our image of the pansy, taking-it-in-the-ass Congressional Democrats, and earn those votes in the South and in the swing states we so desperately need. I recognize that I'm walking a thin line by making such a contract with the Devil; but getting Bush out of office and electing somebody who says that "war is an absolute last resort" will save so many lives it will make your resident wingnut's head spin.

Do the right thing. Whoever you support, vote vote vote vote vote. Democracy is not a spectator sport. We're sitting back on the couch eating Cheese Doodles and watching the country be taken over by knee-jerk reactionaries who think they still need nuclear weapons aimed at the whole world when they are the world's most powerful nation anyway. Let's take back this country. DNC.

(Or, in other words: We're going to Pennsylvania! We're going to East Rekjavik! We're going to the Moon! And then we're going to the White House--er, where was I? Oh yeah, YEEEEAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!)

(Love that Dean yell. He still rocks my socks.)

(Upon reading that again, I just realized that I equate being a pansy with being somebody who takes it up the ass. Sorry, I meant up the ass legally, not up the ass coitally. Men who practice anal sex are still as butch and manly as the ones who have hard vaginal sex on top of their polished Harley Davidsons 68x 21p x2000's.)

(Or, for that matter, anal sex on their polished Harley Davidsons. Oooh, I gotta think about that for a while...)

(a bit later: For the record, I'm really enjoying thinking of my blushing, tuckered-out naked body on top of a motorcycle with my ass red from sexing. Feel free to do with that image what you wish.)
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