Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Upon being bored and looking through other countries’ governmental systems at the CIA World Factbook (they’re watching you), I noticed that many countries elect a parliament that elects a president, rather than a popularly elected president. Tyrannical as it sounds to an American (me), after thinking about it it might be a good idea. Americans are used to a top-down management style where the big guy calls the shots and everybody else scurries to make him look good (hence, “the deficits are Clinton’s fault!” blah blah blah).

In America, most people are not aware of their own local politics, but everybody’s aware of the big presidential races and how Clinton is a liar and Gore invented the Internet and yeah yeah. I think that, in the Republic of Leticiastan, government would be divided into smaller popularly elected units that would elect higher units for more diplomatic reasons that dictatorial; if smaller counties made the big decisions, than sweeping reforms would trickle up rather than down, and people would be more aware of what’s going on around them, resulting in more self-sustaining communities.

Then again, sometimes sweeping, dictatorial reforms can be a good thing; abolition of slavery/lynching/electioneering etc. in the South was often fought with the words, “they’re trying to end our Southern way of life!” (A life of slavery, lynching, and electioneering, that is.) Without a President to call the big shots, we might still have politicians trying to scrub black voters’ from the rolls under false pretenses—waitaminnit...

Forget I said anything. And come visit the Republic of Leticiastan, with sparkling beaches, chocolate strippers, cheap government housing, and legal nudity. Hey, they did it up in Oregon, and the world didn’t end...

(Oh, and about the top-down thing [“top-down” sounding sexier by the moment]: I think a lot of the reason America has been ambling around the war on terror is that they don’t understand that terrorists can work without a head. America thinks that they can waltz into Iraq, cut off the head [Saddam, that is; let’s face it, he did have ties to terrorists and did lots of nasty things, even if not with al-Qaeda], and suddenly, all the terrorists below him will disintegrate once they see Saddam hung on Fox News, like in Star Wars Episode I and stuff. Not likely; these people live and feed on hate, and the angrier they get, the more they kill, and the more effectively they operate. They’re like a virus and they’re killing more people in the Third World every day, and America has got to stop prancing around in the Giant Robot Flightsuit of Doom and pretending to be Top Gun with a steel resolve if they’re going to do anything about terrorism.)

(That said, WAR BREEDS TERRORISM. Think about this, world leaders. Hold back on buying that next big sexy cruise missle and buy food for everybody in Iraq instead; they may not forget that you gunned down their whole family, but at least you’ll look a bit better in the eyes of the common man. Come on. Terrorism is a disease, and you can’t fight it with leeches.)
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