Thursday, February 12, 2004

Well, hello there. I’m sorry, but Leticia has been turned into a vat of cream custard. You’ll have to excuse me as I, the fair guardian angel Suzy, updates while bathing naked in my former client’s remains.

It’s been a really hard day for her. She’s been snappy and arrogant inside, but fluffy and invisible on the outside. She’s bottling up her anger and hiding the fact that she would sooner blow everybody’s head off then tell them politely that everything they do to her bothers her.

Yeah, this might have something to do with her lack of close friends. Her constant passivity must not be very attractive to the other friendless out there. Of course, it helped her in her encounter with the moon men, who were displeased with her whininess and turned her into a vat of cream custard and sold her for $4.99 at the galactic Kmart, which she really didn’t mind. Odd. In any case, she tastes pretty good, even when contaminated with my sweat and blood. Of course, at any moment her giant mouth could form and swallow me whole, so I’d better--MMMFFF!! MFFF--mmm.... (slurp)


Hello. This is Leticia, giant vat of cream custard, reporting. Actually, after I ate my guardian angel I was mostly eaten up by football players, but you're welcome to lick the sides of the plastic vat (it reads "It's Leticialicious!") and possibly get some of her remains in the bargian. We taste pretty good together, I reckon.

Oh! But Leslie, sadly, no longer wants to have sex with me. Oh! I said that already. Umm, and my last fantasy I came to was this: I was a big-headed, big-eyed Korean stationary mascot (Pink Hana to be specific) and I was being lead around the factory on a bridge (with the abyss of clanking and pounding machines below me), wearing all my glitzy glammy fashion stuff with matching bag, when a businessman pushed me off. Soon I was eaten up by the machine below, and turned into an assortment of Leticia merchandise like stationary and handbags. Hot.

(do I get off on capitalism? Ohh, baby, supply and demand me...)

This is Pink Hana; if you like the pictures, save them before the links go broken. (From Fancy Space.)

(Speaking of which, does anybody know of any good image hosts? I'd like to post my drawings here...)
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