Monday, February 23, 2004

Yeah, it’s really annoying to hear Sharon say that Palestinian independence depends on attacks decreasing, when attacks will decrease when Palestinians get their freaking independence. (bangs head against wall) Yes, this is negotiating with terrorists, and while I don’t think killing anybody for any reason is a good idea, Sharon is a head of state and should realize to put people’s lives ahead of looking like he has the resolve of steel.

Now on the other end, I don’t really think that Palestinians should act violently. Every time there’s anther attack on the Israelis, no matter how much they deserve it, Sharon just has another chance to say “Look at what they’re doing to us! Look at us victims! Poor, poor us! Now let’s go bulldoze an activist or two” and the US just writes another big fat check to Israel from its taxpayers bank accounts, with no human rights strings attached.

The war between Israel and Palestine has been going on for millenia, and there’s no reason to believe that peace will be won through force. The only option may be through Israel’s democracy; I know this is a pipe dream, but infiltrating Israel with Palestinian politicians and integrating the lands, eventually, someday, may be all we can do.

Then again, I am entirely uneducated on the subject. Man, it sucks that all the world’s conflicts boil down to natural resources. There’s enough fuel and food in the world for everybody to live on, but for some reason, some people gotta have more and some people gotta have less. Ooogh. Y’know, socialism’s (AAAAHHH) time has come.


Speaking of which, my ideal governmental system—that is, the Republic of Leticiastan—would involve basic food, money, shelter, and electricity for everybody, so that nobody will needlessly die (we’ll just tax the bejeesus out of the rich; they can spare a BMW or two). Then, to please the “ya gotta WARK in this society!” folks, if you want your scented power outlets or motorized nosehair trimmers or foot-petal rubbish bins, you’ve gotta hit it big. Sorry, but it’s capitalism. Do pass me the can of government pears, would you?
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