Wednesday, March 10, 2004


I just saw a newsletter saying, "L.D. stands for 'Lots of Determination!'" I'm going to be sick.

You see, I'm a world-class space case and I have only just begin to recognize it. I suspect I have ADD or ADHD, as I have never been tested (but fear the rampant diagnosis that has become a fad in the US; lots of healthy children have been pathologized here for things like hyperactivity, golly gee). However, if I _did_ have ADHD, I were sure of it and had a nice Honored Citizen card to prove it, I would puke myself silly at all the cutesy nicknames people come up for learning disabilities. "L.D. stands for Learning Differences!" It's a fucking disability; I don't _like_ being a space cadet any more than I would talk about a missing arm in terms of "I consider myself otherwise left-armed!" (Then again, people have different ways of healing from loss...)

So, if I were to take my spaceyness seriously and begin working to live with it, I would absolutely despise anybody who tried to work around my disability with cutesy "Lots of Determination!" language. It's a disability, it affects me adversely, it sets me apart from the rest of society. Then again, my spaced-out nature has provided lots of gifts for me; namely my active imagination and my skill with language. Just don't try to dress up my warts in pretty makeup and call them "Otherwise Not-Warts" and I won't feel patronized.

(Leticia Jeanette McKenzie, by the way, stands for Luscious Jaywalking, My Kangaroo!)
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