Tuesday, March 30, 2004

After I said this:

"These days, the hip thing to do when you're contemplating suicide is to run a blade into the undersides of your arms, calling on the courage to press down on your wrists. This leads to permanent scarring and a permanent seat in the House of Cool."

Someone E-mailed me and said this:

Sweetie, dont make light of it. We do it because we have issues, not because it makes us cool.

Sorry, sorry, sorry! I said that only because I was really really angry and not because I actually thought it was true. Okay, I did actually think it was true, because I was really really angry at this person for slashing his arms. I was quick to blame it on something. Mea culpa.

(If I were mature, I wouldn't have a blog...)

So I'm sorry if I made it sound like people cut their arms only to be cool... I was only frustrated with the people who DO make it cool.
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