Tuesday, March 16, 2004


Bombings. Madrid. Ewwww.

Death bad. Elections good. Democracy good. No democracy in favor of killings bad.

Political cartoon that Leticia saw on the bus on the way home, with an al-Qaeda skeleton death-man saying "Don't forget to vote!" to the exploding train, very very bad. Killings should not, under any circumstances, be used for political gain. Okay, maybe sometimes they should be used in political gain in such a matter that such gain might PREVENT SUCH KILLINGS. Democratically outsting a conservative government, as what just happened in Spain, does NOT ENDORSE TERRORISM.

Ooooggagagagagagaaagaaahhh. This is wrong on so many levels. The depths that conservatives are willing to sink to...

(okay, and to be fair, the depths I'm willing to sink to to make pokes at them. But still, I'm accusing them of saying that the terrorists are on the side of the liberals; they're accusing the liberals of supporting terrorism by not supporting wars that are causing more terrorism.)

(Which brings me to my point: attacking Third World countries en masse does not do much to end terrorism. It is CREATING NEW TERRORISTS. It is making the world a MORE DANGEROUS PLACE. And so, Spaniards infuriated by the Iraq War hitting home are voting in an administration that does not practice such nonsense.)

(Democracy. It's nice. You should try it sometime.)

(Beyond that, I'm sickened by the argument that we need a more centralized, dictatorial government to fight the Middle East and their centralized, dictatorial governments, but I'm almost out of Ranting Power and I'll have to go find my spaceship to recharge. Ciao!)
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