Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Better worded argument regarding Spain, terrorism, and democracy, now that I'm not so angry:

As Big Media Matt put it (thanks to Atrios for the referral), liberals are in a double-bind. "The right would like to set up the following argument: If there are no attacks between now and the election, then Bush has defended us from terror and deserves re-election; if there is an attack between now and the election, then voting for Kerry would be appeasement. Spain is just the dry-run."

But most importantly, this whole concept that "YOU MUST VOTE REPUBLICAN BECAUSE OF TERROR" revolves around a basic assumption that terrorists are on the liberals' side, that liberals like terrorists and terrorists like liberals. Now remember; these terrorists are supporting deadly Middle Eastern dictatorial regimes. According to the right, however, they are on the side of democracy--and that the people of Spain voted for a liberal government simply because they are trying to appease the terrorists. Doo-wha?!

Just think about that. Let it sit in your head. Fewer and fewer things about politics in America make sense every second when you discard that basic assumption. You are going to wake up in the middle of the night seething with anger at the silly right-wingers. But don't hate them. Love them. They're only scared and mournful, something we can all relate to in this (excuse me) post-9.11 world. Give them aid and comfort and show them that the true path to peace is not, in fact, blowing up every Middle Eastern country with empty chemical warheads (and dangerous mobile hydrogen labs!) Give them love. Show them peace. We're the compassionate people.

Talk to your doctor about Liberalism(TM).



(Oh, and I could come up with plenty of arguments for why the Terrorists are on the Conservatives' Side--they do, after all, generally oppose secular school education and displays of sex in public, to name two positions in common--but I'm just sick of this American political game of "The terrorists are on YOUR side!" "No, the terrorists are on YOUR side!" Remember, terrorists more than anything want (a) power and (b) dead people, and if you are not giving them either, or the means to do so, you are unlikely to be appeasing them. However, the Bush administration has provided the terrorists with these fabulous breeding grounds down in Iraq and Afghanistan; why do they hate America?)

(And I ask that only halfway in jest. Really.)

(Oh, and Iran-Contra. Just think about that for a bit, too.)

(And the coup in Haiti.)

(And Iran. And the Congo. And on and on and on...)

(Why do they love terrorists?)
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