Monday, March 08, 2004

Bush is attacking Kerry for being a waffle.

Aaaagh, the Democrats should have known this would happen. Kerry is a waffle, but that shouldn't stop us from electing him. In any case, here's exactly what Kerry should say:

"I can't believe Bush is attacking me for being an even-handed politician. I guess that hard-right voting record of his has gone to his head."

There you go. Easy percentage point. Do hire me as your consultant, Kerry.

(The Democrats won't be able to take on Bush's colossal campaign machine head-on; we've got to do some intense political judo to win this one. Case in point: 9/11. Bush runs campaign ad reminding us of America's spectacular security failure. Democrats make a point of mourning 9/11 victims and attacking, unspecifically, those who try to use their deaths for political gain. Bush will be thumping the ground with pain.)

(And the Democrats have already started doing this. Yay! Maybe someday this country will get around to mourning those deaths rather than blindly attacking Middle Eastern nations out of adolescent fury.)

(Bush, I feel your pain. But 3,000 deaths do not justify 10,000+ more.)


Anyway, the reason why I didn't go with my sexy "meat grinder" design for the shirt (I also had a "getting eaten by a crocodile" design, oooh) is because nudity, explicitly sexual images, or images "in otherwise poor taste" are banned by Cafepress. Fuck! I liked those shirts. In any case, if I feel like doing anything more with those designs, I'll let you know.
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