Saturday, March 27, 2004

(From ParentingTeens.About.com, thanks to Atrios for the referral)

Everybody knows that the fifties were perfect and that in the sixties and seventies teenagers were fucking like bunnies, right?

Er, maybe not.

Go teenagers, and go hippies. Thanks to them, we have stronger family values.

(I have no problem with sex; it's just that teenagers need to be taught sexual responsibility, as they will need to know this as an adult, and the teen years are when one becomes an adult and your hormones are raging and you would easily have sex with a fencepost if you fount it attractive. We can cover our ears and say "la la la" and pretend that teenagers can be protected from sex; but face it, it's what they think about constantly, we need to give them upstanding and moral sexual rites of passage [such as helping them understand just what they are feeling] or they are going to find some not so nice ones. When you're a teenager with no hope of going to college, being a mother can be your only hope of feeling grown up.)

(Wait a second, I am a teenager! I need to stop being so condescending...)
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