Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Hahahaha! Just one day after losing a fight with my mom over gay marriage (she doesn't like "marriage in name;" I say I don't like having "second-class citizens"), Oregon lets the cat out of the bag.


Thank you, President Bush. Thank you for trying to push your ridiculous anti-marriage amendment; now that the issue's returned to the front page, the queers took the place over and gave gays the equal rights they deserve. Don't believe me? Even the Terminator's on the Sodomobile. Take that.

So anyway, let's be happy for these gay couples, some of whom have been together for fifty years and have grown children but never have gotten legal rights of marriage (and just to reiterate; regarding civil unions, seperate is not equal), and be sure to send them a rose. But most importantly, send a rose to President Bush; we owe it all to him.

And send a stinkbomb to those pansy Democrats who sit on the fence (but secretly enjoy a good fencepost up the ass; ohh yes baby) over gay rights while the the whole rest of the freakin' country follow neither party's line and give gay couples the rights they deserve. And they wonder why America is so out of touch with politics; maybe it's because we're watching a constant battle between the "let's take over the world" party and the "please kick me in the crotch" party. C'mon, Dems, you're not getting the gay marriage salt back in the shaker. The ground's moving underneath you as we speak; you had better take the bull by the horns and hit two birds with one stone and yeah yeah.

(You know, Kerry owes much of his widespreat support and momentum to a certain guy who reenergized the liberal base on a platform of truth-talking, hard-walking, kicking-ass democracy: Howard Dean. Just look at him on that Rolling Stone cover. Such a sexy candidacy. Ooooh.)

(didn't pre-Gandhi India have something to say about the evils of intercaste marriage? I mean, when a merchant can marry a warrior, nobody's going to get married anymore! The whole system will break down! Activist judges! Sancticity of civilization! Yapple warple zoop! Munhilla wungus flump!" (at this point, Leticia's brain begins to erupt with the pain of it all; hence the distortion.)

(Oh, and PS: I lost the fight with my mom only because I held back the "what if I'm gay" bomb.)
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