Wednesday, March 24, 2004

I'm sad.

In downtown Undisclosed Location I found a photo book called "Hippie." Yes, I knew the only reason I wanted to look at it for the naked women I would invariably find between its covers-- not for titillation (entirely; you all know my lesbian tendencies) but because... I wanna _be_ a naked woman. It's not fair. I want to be that one girl who was clutching her boyfriend as they strolled naked through their beautiful garden, perfectly inkeeping with the hippie philosophy of celebrating life and contemplation. I... I...

Where's Poseidontown's hippie-land? We're such a liberal city and I have yet to find such a place where I fit in. Someday, dammit, someday...

(On the positive side, we have the nicest punk kids you'll ever see; the kids downtown smoking pot and begging for change are at least 10 times nicer than the well-dressed businessmen who would sooner spit in their hats than give them pity as forgotten children.)

(Or, more importantly, help. Why do we have this contempt for teenagers in America? I hate our idea that poverty is the fault of the poor, but it's even more ludicrous when you consider how many children are born into poverty. These kids aren't even given a chance, much less a decent education. How much does college cost these days in America?)

(Yeah, I'm off to dismantle Star Wars. Who's with me? I've got a wrench, it's all we need to take care of Reagan's silly space toys...)


Back to the previous topic: "I wanna be naked" appears many many times in my diary, from about three years ago to one year ago, ending entirely when I read Promiscuities and realized that I, in fact, am not alone. In fact, every teenage girl wants to be looked at. Well, I mean, duh. But it doesn't really sink in when the adults in your life effectively tell you you're a whore.

But more importantly, I... wanna be loose of my material trappings. You know? When I was a kid... (embarrassing story ahead) I saw the cover of the Demi Moore movie, Striptease, on one of those junk mailings. On it was Demi Moore, naked, ellegantly covering up her naughty bits. I... I... it was intense. I had never seen a naked body before, being from small-town Hicksburg (name changed to protect the innocent), and... okay, here goes. Before I took a bath, I would take off all my clothes and look in the mirror and... pose myself as Demi Moore. I wanted to have that command of my body. And... I loved to have that time, that excuse, while the tub was filling up with water, to spend time with myself au naturel, and to pretend I was some glamorous striptease star. There. I was, I mean, I intend to say, that is, I...

I wanna be naked.

There you go.


(So the epilogue is this: FedEx yourself to Poseidontown for a naked stroll with Leticia. Come on. You know you want to.)

(It won't hurt THAT much when I rip the duct tape from your naked body... [giggle])
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