Thursday, March 04, 2004

KillBunnie has achieved fame and fortune on this great big Internet of ours. And I'm really freaking jealous. I mean, I guess, er... spreading your sexuality through the Internet. That's beautiful. I wanna do that, when I grow up and I can use my face and my body on my website and I'm not so insecure.

But, on the other hand, I do the web-whoring thing already, just behind a pseudonym...

So anyway, send her E-mails asking her to set up a store. She's been mumbling as such, and I want my KillBunnie poster NOW. And... send her congratulations. She is, no matter how jealous I may become of her, totally awesome.

(That said, I've had many an erotic fantasy about being turned into a poster by being happily shoved through a pair of paint rollers...)

Oh! And that said, I've also been interested in making Leticia T-shirts for y'all. I'm thinking of just ironing a few tacky "meat grinder" shirts (they'll say "Leticia McKenzie: Grade A" or something like that), so if you want one, E-mail me and I just might get around to it.

Or, alternatively, send your buff bodyguard to come and tickle me in my pink frilly panties while he grabs a giant iron and presses me into a T-shirt. Your choice.

(By the way, I recieved several suggestions to use photobucket.com for my images; problem is, the terms of service clearly say "no sexual images." Dammit.)
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