Tuesday, March 16, 2004

So, Dante is out of my hair. For life. I promise. I am not going back to looking for his erotic appeal. I'm going to find a nice boy who values my sexuality. You got that? No more feeling like a cheap slut. I am reclaiming myself. I am no longer lonely.

Let's, er, see how it goes. I've been using that phrase too much now, haven't I? Well, well see how kicking that phrase addiction go-- (pours bucket of water on head) Sorry. As I was saying... I want a nice boy. If you happen to be a nice boy, feel free to send yourself UPS to...

Leticia McKenzie
141 Rosemary Way

Poke air holes and take snacks for the ride. I'll give you a complimentary bath. Really. (And for THIS WEEK ONLY, I'll give you a FREE LETICIA T-SHIRT! Operators are standing by.)

Hmhmhmhm. Oh, and you should have a Nintendo beanie like that one cute guy on the bus, have your hair in short dreads, wear headphones around your neck, be relatively dumpy and prettyful and always have a kind word to say. And do excuse your new girlfriend if she has the tendency to drain your emotional life-force out of you for her own needs. I do that sometime.

Okay! With that out of my system, I'm'a play Mario & Luigi...
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