Saturday, March 13, 2004

So he took his package of Leticia Applesauce and revealed to his delight that it included a free naked Leticia inside, for flavor. He quickly stirred a her around and slurped her up, as she was happy to be in the service of such a large and bold man. Ohh yeah.

All the girls in Leticia's home ec class were happy to learn they were making human muffins that day, so they ganged up on Leticia, ripped off her clothes, and threw her in the bread machine, which kneaded and prodded and baked her into a fine, warm Leticiaberry Muffin. The teacher was delighted; she always wanted to know what that awkward girl tasted like. The class ate her up and licked her from their fingers; indeed, she got more attention as a muffin than she ever would have as a human.

But what Leticia likes best is being stuffed in a white room with all her whore friends, naked, clutching each other with fear and excitement. This is the day they would become women; this was the day they would begin their service to men. The kindly old white man with a cigar turned the crank, and soon they were crushed by the giant piston which then pulled away to reveal that the laughing, shrieking girls were now nothing but a porn magazine.

The lowly intern boy picks up the magazine in awe. "Is this for real?" he asks. "Yes, my boy," the man says. "Do with them what you wish." The boy looks down on the smiling, almost animated women on the printed page, and begins to masturbate furiously. "Plenty more where that came from," the old man says, leaving the boy in peace with his favorite women.
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