Saturday, March 06, 2004

[warning: the following post contains a rather graphic image to make a point. It's not terribly grotesque, but if you haven't eaten breakfast yet you might consider reading it later, like much later.]

At the bookstore, I saw--I am not making this up--a book called "Modernity and the Hegemony of Vision."

We're doomed. This is the end of the universe. Nothing can happen beyond this point. Oh, sure; I could make a better book, I could dig a great big hole and put a painting of Jesus in it and cover it in menstrual blood and bring in an entire herd of cows to shit over it and then call it "A Scathing Critique of Modern Society by ltc mcknz, The Girl Who Artfully Abandoned Vowels in Her Name Because She's Cool Like That" and get ten thousand dollars at an art show and be called "the best artist of our time, bravely fighting a war against Hollywood ideals of art being fun to watch," and get grants from the National Endowment for Art that Sucks.

Yeah, I think our media has the problem of generalizing it's content to suit the widest audience, so that eventually the content becomes diluted and pointless, but our art world seems to have the opposite problem. If nobody likes it, it's art.

(Yes, I've never read the book, and yes, I'm blowing off steam unfairly while judging a book by its very title. Shut up! I was moments away from being the "relentless truth-seeker" hailed by all the talk-show pundits. In the meantime, what do you mean, 45 minute claim?)
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