Monday, March 08, 2004

Well, hello, fair denizens of Leticialand! I have a very sad announcement:

I hate this. hate this blog and it sucks. I'm a loser and a slut. Wah wah.

With that out of my system, I'd like to talk to you about sex. Surprised? Well, don't be. I'm only wondering why people think it's a good idea to keep their kids in the dark about sex all their lives and then are shocked, shocked to find them having sex with legions of scrubby party-goers, with no protection. You'd think America would've noticed that correlation by now.

With that out of the way, I'd like to talk to you about books. Jennifer Governemtn was very good, highly recommended, but it still came up a bit dry. It was a good action movie, but I didn't find all that much philosophical or political content. The movie rights have been sold, however, and I imagine a Jennifer Government movie would really kick the llama's ass.

I also finished the Poisonwood Bible, and it's incredibly fantastic but I'm sure you knew that already. Read it.

I started reading a strange book called "The War Against Boys," by Christina Hoff Summers. Um, it's interesting, it's all about the "feminist elites" (not her words; but you get that idea) in America perpetually victimizing women and talking about how shortchanged they are in education, when in actuality it is boys who are doing poorly in school; as well as America's general portrayal of boys as proto-terrorists and girls as little darlings. Anybody who has spent five minutes in a highschool locker room knows that at least one-half of that is untrue, but anyway, I can definately see how a view of boys as potential assailants will hurt their development and their identity. When I was in elementary school, I saw lads being mistreated on the basis that they were males and therefore guilty by association of being bullies on several occasions; according to Summers, it's worse now, and the schools she singles out as examples have a tendancy of saturating students' brains with female role models without giving men anybody to look up to but domestic abusers and the Columbine killers. (Moreover, she explains the fad in education of typical manhood competitiveness being treated as a pathology, blahblahblah)

She has solid facts behind her and it's an interesting read, but it still feels rather bitter and fanatical, like she really wanted to be friends with the women she's attacking and they've blown her off. That's probably true, but still, I kind of wish it were a treatise on a better kind of school system rather than a unilateral attack on snot-nosed uppity feminist twits. (Sorry, had to let that expression out.) Then again, I'm not done with the book, so...

This brings me to another subject: this woman, one exiled leader America should be listening to. She's writing a book on how awful and horrid the women's fashion magazine industry is, and it's all true I'm sure ("Turn Him On! Give Your Life Meaning" "Lose 300 Pounds by October 1" bleccchhh), but it becomes so hard to believe when she's so freakin' cantankerous. I know I'm not one to criticize, but still...

But anyway, what I wanted to bring up was her use of the word "liberalism..." what's with the negative connotation? I suppose she could mean "liberalism," as in, an overly liberal approach to life with no restrictions or boundaries; but that's not what your average fashion magazine advises, what with it's ten-page specials on what expensive crap you should buy and what to eat. Then again, she could mean a "liberal" approach to people, trusting them with whatever they tell you... although the fashion magazines certainly don't encourage you to believe your boyfriend when he says, "You look great, honey." Remember, that's what he says, but what he REALLY means is "I require 30 fewer pounds and several name-brand articles of clothing priced at least $30 before we have hot sex. Deal?" ... But anyway, I think she just means "liberal" in terms of "anybody I don't like," which seems to be a popular use of the term lately. Damn liberals! They have no idea what the American Experiment's all about!

(ha ha... that said, us liberals aren't perfect; we're just the only ones who try.)

(KIDDING! Kidding! Conservatives are good people. I just wish they'd pick back up on that "fiscal responsibility" thing...)
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