Tuesday, March 16, 2004

What a wonderful world...

Today I partook in my favorite activity of all time, sleeping on the bus. If you haven't tried it, do it sometimes. You feel new and refreshed. You also feel like you have lots of creepy people staring at you for sleeping on the bus. But that's beside the point! If I had dignity, I wouldn't have a blog.

Before that, I met with my best friend (in real life that is; sorry Brielle), who gave me support for what happened with Dante (I really don't want to go into details), despite me thinking that I had run past his support quotient with all my melodramatic sob stories. He shared with me his own experiences, and told me, our mutual friend, and his stepmom, "I love you all!" and we colllided in a great big group hug.

When I went to buy Mario & Luigi, I saw a girl help her boyfriend pick out Super Nintendo games.

(cue Louis Armstrong on saxophone)

I saw a pudgy red-haired girl in a black hoodie drawing romantic things in her sketchbook. I look down at her drawings, and she smiled back up warmly. She helped an old woman who dropped her wallet, and she left the bus with a smile on her face, bouncing down the street with satisfaction.

I saw a serious-looking woman in a tiny red skirt and a bandanna ask me to close a window.

A bus driver stopped the bus just for li'l ol' me when he saw me bounding down the sidewalk in my usual fashion.

I have the song from Sonic Heroes stuck in my head, the one that goes, "We will make it if we all stick together, we won't give up not ever, it's easier with your friends by your side!"

But most importantly, my brother got back from college, and I can show him all my new videogames once he wakes up.

What a wonderful world...
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