Sunday, March 07, 2004

(written last night)

I just recieved a bunch of E-mails from all my friends in the blogsphere. Aww, thanks. I feel all warm and fuzzy. In fact, I felt so warm and fuzzy that, when trying to go to sleep, I masturbated to the thought of them all having me for dinner (yeah, that way) and dividing me up and munching on my innards. Mmm. ("Oooh, this is Leticia's heart of gold," one of them said, holding the aformentioned organ off of her fork. Don't blame my fantasies for having tacky dialogue. Oh, and one of them quoted Leslie by saying, "Leticia, you really are sweeter than sugar!" Aww. I always hoped my innards would be cherry-flavored...)

Okay, okay. Since I still can't get to bed, y'all are stuck with me for a while. First order of business: my drawings. I'm going to risk the wrath of Photobucket and go ahead and post my "meat grinder" doodle I made at the bookstore. Have a go.

Second order of business: Dante. I've realized that I really should go back to being his friend, since we have so much in common and he lets me be... myself around him. (Double entendre intended.) But, sadly, Dante has left this mortal vale for Couplespace. I'm sure you know what Couplespace is; it's where two people in an emotionally volatile couple decide they are going to keep themselves in blissful ignorance forever by casting reality away from their happy warm force-field and proceed to alter the very nature of reality. As they hold each other, they can see the inevitability of their future shouting matches and terrifying breakup on the horizon, so they project that impenetrable field around themselves, the kind of field that sucks in all surrounding energy and puts anyone in a 2-mile radius in an incredibly pissy mood. Case in point: me. (Bitter? Nawww...)

So anyway, I suppose we all wish to exist in our little pockets of Couplespace, but something tells me it's not all its cracked up to be. I think I'll stay grounded in reality, thank you. (That said, I've been known to be a very loopy person; however, I haven't been "in love" since maybe sixth grade. I've developed emotional safeguards since then; I think I would have fallen in love with Dante if it weren't for them.)

(Bless you, emotional safeguards. I'm positive Dante and I would be in a shouting match right now if it weren't for them.)

(That said, we would've also had really hot sex involving whipped cream and strawberries...)


Final order of business: True Fantasy Live Online. I've been mulling over preordering this game (for Xbox), but wondering if it was just a manifestation of my fear to leave the house. I mean, if I'm trying to be social through my videogames... what kind of bizarre pathology could be next? But anyway, if you're planning on getting this game, be sure to remember to give a shout-out to the skinny black girl with purple hair. Thassme. Bye bye!
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