Friday, April 30, 2004

Flowers. Flowers are blooming in Iraq. There are schools and hospitals and rose petals.

People are dying, but it's for a good cause. As deaths keep mounting and cities continue to be blown to smithereens, we can look forward to the day that a stable and democratic Iraq can be reached. Already, 4% more Iraqis have potable water. As you can see, things are running fabulously.

And you know that deputy undersecretary of defense Lt. Gen. Boykin has already stated that "our God is bigger than their God," that this is a religious war, and that if there is another attack on America, we might be forced to reconsider the Constitution and become a more militarized nation.

But that's okay! Iraq is the central front on the war on terror. The President is a uniter, not a divider. We know they had nuclear weapons (edit: programs). We have the right to kick their asses to prove we can.

If nobody is going to deal with Iraq, who will? Are we going to wait for the day when Saddam launches a missle at the US and creates the feared "mushroom cloud" to have an excuse to blow the country to smithereens? We cannot wait for a permission slip from the UN in order to protect our interests. Saddam's sarin nerve agents (edit: programs), VX nerve agents (edit: programs), and mustard gas (edit: programs) are being armed (edit: developed) (edit: concieved) (edit: we've heard rumblings that leave no doubt) AS WE SPEAK and if we know we are going to attack Iraq someday, why not now, in the midst of a recession and immediately following one of the most dubious elections in American history? Pick the lowest-hanging fruit first. Iraq will be a cinch. We'll get rid of Saddam, help the Iraqis set up their own government, and be on our way.

Whoops!! What do you know. Our plan REALLY was to occupy Iraq for some time and sell all of its assets. Whoopsy daisy. Oh and now; boy, these TERRORISTS have the gall to defend the NATION THEY HISTORICALLY OCCUPY! How dare them! If they are fighting a foreign occupation, they obviously must not be ready for security. Sorry folks, but the date for liberation will have to be pushed back. Yeah, I know we said it would be a cinch, but when we said that we thought we were just going to take Saddam out; now we've got it in our heads that we need to cleanse the country of his influence, get rid of every soldier, every Ba'ath party member, anyone who knows anybody who knew thae old government's secretary's dog. Oh look! Hah, you guys have found a new leader. Al-Sadr. He does not take too kindly to this occupation with is rapidly heading south. Don't worry, we're going to blow his head off too, and all the heads of his followers, and everyone who dare STAND UP TO DEFEND THEIR COUNTRY FROM FOREIGN INVADERS WHO WANT TO TAKE AWAY THEIR FREEDOMS.

Bad wars do not get better, they only get worse.


Leticia again. Remember, the Iraqis are fighting for mom, apple pie, and the Iraqi flag (the placement of which was so wonderfully improvised in mid-statue-toppling). It may not be right for them to be killing American soldiers, but they're only doing it because they love freedom, they love their family, and they love their country enough to die for it.

Believe it.


(As for a plan for what to do with Iraq, now that we've plunged it into chaos: bring the UN in, and give them the money to rebuild Iraq. The idea that the US should stay in because they have a moral obligation to rebuild the country they destroyed is based on the assumption that there's anything the US can do so long as it as seen as an occupying force. The UN was created to do nation-building, and they know their stuff. Most importantly, the Iraqis need to set up their own government in order to be liberated; Saddam's regime did keep a running tally of the population to do rationing, so we could take that list and use it to hold free and fair elections which the UN could oversee to make sure nobody, with brown or white skin, tries to rig it. These elections would be to choose a governing council, which would write a Constitution.

(If the US is afraid Iraq is going to be taken over by religious fanatics, they shouldn't be; the US is run by religious fanatics, and has no business deciding another country's policy if it does not affect them. Prime directive applies here; we cannot force them to become our ideal nation until they are ready. Sad but true. A stable, democratic Iraq will not happen overnight; it will take time, just as it took time for the US to abandon slavery and public ballots and lynching and other such atrocities. The problem is, the current US strategy shows no end in sight. We need some fertile soil on which an Iraq of the people can grow.)

(And believe you me, that's why we went into Iraq; and I want that to be why we get the hell out.)
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