Monday, April 19, 2004

A friend sent me a message saying that "if Americans are so afraid of boobs [that is, Janet Jackson's] than why did we elect one as President?"

First of all, George W. Bush is not a boob. Boobs are soft and cuddly and life-giving. Boobs are, first and foremost, for the sustenance of human life. They are the antithesis to Bush. No boobs have ever needed to start wars to prove they can, or to bomb the worlds' poorest nations with securing their place as an international policeman as an excuse.

Second of all, America did NOT ELECT BUSH, and the majority of Floridians voted for Gore. But who knows if your vote got through? The Republicans took pains to make sure that black Floridians could not vote on election day; they are overwhelmingly Democratic. Coincidence? Either way, its racism, and no democratic society would consider Bush a legitimate president, much less fall behind him in his little foreign adventures to swipe back at the countries who tried to kill his daddy. Bring 'em on!

(Atrios said that John Stewart said something like: Bush isn't stupid, we are, for believing him when he took every opportunity to ensure to us that he was incompetent.)

(Oh and the process of Jim Crow vote-scrubbing went something like this: the State of Florida hired an outside firm to scrub its voter rolls of any convicted felons, instructing the company to cast as wide a net as possible. Come voting day, many voters, mostly black, found they could not vote; many were felons who had served their time and had their voting rights restored, or had similar names to felons, or had been charged with crimes that took place in the future according to the company's documentation. Wha? Overall, the whole process took away hundreds of thousands of Gore votes, eclipsing the narrow margin that Bush had in the state. Gore won, Bush lost, get over it, Republicans. Buncha crybabys, afraid of a couple of recounts... what are you hiding?)

(And what will we tell the children?)
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