Sunday, April 25, 2004

I also wrote this on Thursday and then took it down. If you are reading this in reverse chronological order, as they are listed, then you should read the previous post first. Then it will all make sense.


I was about to erase that last post when I realized, part of my agreement (not really, but this is the only thing keeping this blog entertaining) with y'all is never to censor myself. It didn't seem like I should have been able to dream that, being a woman, and, you know, women NEVER think impure thoughts. I guess I'll just have to deal with it the same way EVERY seventeen-year-old girl deals with it when she finds out she's the first woman in the history of humanity to evolve a libido.

In the meantime; from IGN Xbox:

What will Playboy: The Mansion offer? Why, a full simulation of the parties and power-grabbing, the girls and the glory of the Hefner empire. You'll step into the shoes of the magazine magnate to design and run the Mansion -- your center of operations (and debauchery) as you build your business. The game will even feature a Photo Shoot mode where you can select the best angle for your cover models. But we know you'll only be grabbig this one for the articles. Ahem.

You got that right. Playboy is releasing a Hugh Hefner sim for Xbox.

Fake sexuality ho! But, at the very least, they ought to release a Calm, Sensitive Boyfriend Land sim for us. Call it Girls Garden Advance. The virtual men will laugh when we need them to and cry when we need them to and apply their manly talents through the Rumble Pak ONLY WHEN WE NEED THEM TO. And the game should have a stalker beat-up mini game. Ooooh.

Come to think of it... (scribbles on a napkin) anybody know of any openings in the game industry? This could be a real hit... so as long as my video game men mix their drinks right... and don't fart or nothing...
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