Saturday, April 03, 2004

No, I have no idea how this happened, but it did, so enjoy it:

(can you catch the Zelda reference?)

“Oh, ho ho ho ho, Ms. Sanders! That’s a lovely dress you’ve got today? Mind if I rip it to shreds?” said the evil Dr. Gleason on one fine Sunday morning.

“Sure, I wasn’t using it,” she admitted, and he proceeded to tear her lovely spring dress right off her tender flesh.

“And, if it’s not to much trouble, may I eat you as well?”

“Sure I—wait!” But it was too late, and the evil Dr. Gleason devoured her body and soul with her legs flailing. Nothing like a good Ms. Sanders on one fine Sunday morning, eh?

“Hm, I wonder if there are any other girls to snack on,” he said, waddling through downtown traffic.

Just then Giant Naked Woman picked him up from above. “You’ve been a bad bad boy!” she said.

“Help! I was just doing my job!”

“Then you’re going in here!” She spread her pussy lips and shoved him inside. “No parole! Ha ha ha!”

“You’ll regret this! I have a good lawyer! You’ll—mrrmhmmgghhmmmAAAAAA” he wailed, before being eaten by the hideous monster that lived inside her cunt. It was a little black ball with fangs, and it was thorough with anyone who tried to penetrate her.

“Thank you, BowWow,” Giant Naked Woman said, sitting down on top of the giant building on Sixth and Main and petting her lovely pet.

“Well hello there,” said Giant Naked Man, strolling up to her with confidence while squashing the downtown traffic under his feet.

“Not interested,” Giant Naked Woman said, turning her head.

“I have pearls!” the man said. She ignored him.

“I have really huge penis!” he continued, showing her an erection the size of a jet plane.

“You know, you’re really boring me,” said the Giant Naked Woman. “Why don’t we get it over with?”

“Ha ha! I knew you’d come around!” He turned into Big Evil Giant Naked Man and devoured her whole. Then he started to get sick and puked her out all over the resevoir.

She laughed and splashed around in her pool. “Ha ha! That was fun! Again?”

“For real this time!” He hauled backwards and plunged his penis into her petunia. “Oaaaaaagghh!” he wailed. “Something’s eating me!”

She grinned as she read a mystery novel, ignoring him.

“It burns! It burns!” He pulled out, only to find that his monstrous manhood was no more.

“No! The source of my powers..” he said, as he shrunk to the size of a normal naked man.

Giant Naked Woman, amused, picked up the ickle naked man. “Help?” he said, squeaking like a mouse. “In a sense,” she said, sticking him in her ass. “I want you to lick like you’ve never licked before.”

“Aaaahh!!” he squealed, in terror, before obeying. Giant Naked Woman laid down on her belly, reading a book, in the resevoir, drinking up a water tower full of a pedestrian/cherry soda concoction she made the previous night, with an obedient man-whore to give her pleasure. Life was good.

“Can I stop now?” the man pleaded.

“No! More! More!” She stuck her finger in her pussy and stroked the BowWow. He was friendly only to her.

“AAAaaackpth!” he coughed, and then he licked harder.

“Oh yes! Oh yes! AAUGH—ohhh...” she said, shooting him in a wave of ejaculation out of her vagina and into a skyscraper, knocking it over. His features were now barely recognizable as he melted down the wall of the skyscraper. She picked it up and licked him off, careful to lick up every eye and organ and tissue. Then she took the skyscraper for the BowWow to eat. Life was good. She didn’t even notice the townspeople getting out their barbecues and chansaws, until she felt herself unravel to feed the whole village. It was relaxing, in its own cathartic way. She loved to be loved. She hoped her people would enjoy eating her as much as she did eating them.
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